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Advertising And Graphic Arts
Admission requirements
Candidates must have obtained a Lebanese Baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma and pass the entrance exam.

Learning objectives
Creative advertising design combines words and pictures in a highly organized and persuasive way to sell products and ideas. Graphic design is the manipulation of graphic elements to communicate ideas, emotions and other abstract concepts visually. In this major you can study creative advertising design, graphic design, or both. In creative advertising design you’ll be prepared for professional placement in the creative advertising industry. You’ll focus on professional practice, media production processes, professional institutions and industry processes. You’ll learn to communicate through a variety of mediums, including print, television, point of sale, radio, direct mail, web and outdoor advertising. In graphic design you’ll learn about the field of visual problem solving. You’ll explore corporate and brand identities, stationery, editorial publications, corporate literature, retail and boutique packaging, labels, environmental graphics, exhibitions and directional signage.

Career opportunities
-Advertising agency and advertising creation.
-Visual communication.
-Graphic art for printing and the press.
-Teaching and research.

Pré-requis Code Matière Crédits
Remedial (Intensive)
Section Anglaise
ANGL5102 English 02 3
Section Française
FRAN5102 Français 02 3
Requis de l’Université
Section Anglaise
ANGL5102 ANGL6121 Anglais I 3
  COMM6271 Communication Professionnelle 3
FRAN6221 Français I 3
Section Française
ANGL6221 Anglais I 3
  COMM6371 Communication Professionnelle 3
FRAN5102 FRAN6121 Français I 3
Section Anglaise et Française
CUGE5311 Culture générale 3
DROI5151 Droit 3
INFB5111 Informatique Appliquée 3
Requis de la Specialité
ADVE6111 Advertising  2
ADVE6221 Campaign I 3
ADVE6221 ADVE6322 Campaign II (Projet de Diplôme) 3
AUVI6111 Art director I 3
AUVI6111 AUVI6112 Art director II 2
AUVI6131 In Design 2
CALL6111 Typography 3
COMM6221 Communication I 3
COMM6221 COMM6222 Communication II 3
COTV6121 Sketch I 3
COTV6121 COTV6122 Sketch II 2
COTV6211 Storyboard 3
COWR6111 Copywriting I 1
COWR6111 COWR6112 Copywriting II 1
GRDE6111 Graphic design I 3
GRDE6111 GRDE6212 Graphic design II 2
HIST6181 Art History 2
HIST6281 History of advertising 2
HTTH6131 Strategic Thinking 3
INFG6211 Photoshop 2
MULT6121 Digital tools I 3
MULT6121 MULT6122 Digital tools II 2
MULT6131 Illustration 2
PHOT6111 Photography 2
PRIN6111 Packaging 3
WEDE6121 Website 3
Enseignements Electifs
Electifs ouverts 9