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Job Interview Q & A
Q: What is your biggest weakness?
A: Pick something that you made a positive step to redress. Never say: You don't have any weakness.

Q: What is your greatest strength?
A: Answer this question by listing a few of your strengths and then narrow down to your greatest strength. Explain why this is your strength.

Q: Why should we hire you? What makes you special and where do your major strengths lie?
A: Find out what they are looking for from the job description and answer accordingly State your biggest achievement and the benefit it made to the business you used to work for.

Q: Why do you want this job?
A: Do your homework properly finding out what are the company's values, Mission and Vision, development plans, and products. Use this information to describe how your goals and ambition matches their company's ethos. Never say: I just need a job.

Q: Tell me about yourself (This is often the first question you get asked).
A: Give a good balanced answer to this question and not a life history. Don't go much into details just about five minutes is fine. Begin with an overview of your highest qualifications, and then run through the jobs you've held so far in your career. You can roughly follow the same structure of your C.V. giving examples of achievements and skills you've picked up along the way.

Q: Why did you leave your last job?
A: I finished my mission there successfully and need to move further in my career.
A: It was a good job with nice colleagues but I could not use fully my potential in that company that's why I came to the interview at your company because I really believe this is the right place to utilize my skills and abilities.
A: In case you were fired, say that the management has changed completely and they brought their own people on board.

Q: What is your salary expectation?
A: Don't simply give out a number. State that your priority is not the salary but the role being offered that you like and that the salary will meet your expectations as you will be achieving good results. If they insist on a number, state your last monthly salary emphasizing your readiness to prove your abilities and that you will bring value exceeding your salary.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?
A: Connect your answer with the role you are just applying for. Never say: I would like to have my own business.

Q: What do you know about our company and why are you interested in working for us?
A: Do your homework researching the company before attending the interview, the direction that it is going, the individual departments that you are going to be working for and what are the highest concerns. Impress your interviewer by talking specifically about the company.

Q: How would your friends and family describe you?
A: This is simply one of many interview questions where interviewers are trying to get a glimpse into your personality. Many times people hire based on personality particularly when the employer is faced with two candidates of equal amount of skills. Hence, they will pick the candidate who they think they like the best. So smile during the interview.