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Abidance to Regulations and Study Perseverance:
Students are strictly forbidden to enter the campus without their identity card. Using lots of parking on campus, requires a special permission. Students are imperatively required to attend their classes, conferences and tutorials. Any student who fails to attend 80 per cent of a course will be automatically dropped out unless exempted by the Head of the Department on the basis of a valid excuse.

All registered students have to abide by the university regulations and avoid undisciplined behavior and practices; otherwise they will be subject to serious disciplinary warnings that could develop a definitive expulsion.

Each semester, students must present one partial and one final exam in addition to ongoing quizzes and various projects assigned by the administration and teachers. Class participation is also taken into consideration.

The final grade is calculated as follows:
  • Ongoing quizzes and attendance: 20%
  • Partial Exam: 30%
  • Final Exam: 50%
In order to get their degrees, students must:
  • Successfully pass all their credits.
  • Score above 60% in all courses, otherwise he/she will have to repeat it.
Students of the Department of Education must obtain an 11/20 average in training in order to graduate.

Senior Project:
All third-year students have to submit a final year project in the form of a study based on the following:
  • Theoretical or applied thesis related to their major.
  • A collaborative large scale research project extending over a period of 20 weeks and deeply related to their major, for which its results and outcomes are announced at the end of the academic year.
Professional training has become more and more connected to higher education. At AKU, training runs throughout the three years of university education, its cost is subsidized for students working in AL-KAFAAT Foundation centers in particular. Training is evaluated on a continuous basis, and the final grade is given out at the end of the third year.

The Diplomas:
All degrees delivered by AKU are accredited by the Lebanese General Directorate of Higher Education.

The minimum duration required to obtain a Bachelor Degree is 3 years.

Students are entitled to a good conduct certificate as an approval of their commitment, integrity and academic competency. The issuance of these certificates is based on professors’ reports, advisers’ opinion and the academic administration impression.