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MARKETING - Tatiana Abou Jaoudeh

I am majoring in Marketing at AKU. It’s a 3 year major under the "School of Business".

At first, I thought all my classes would be strict and dull, I didn’t know Marketing can be so interesting.

I took classes in Marketing Management, HR and Marketing among other things and the main objective of all those courses is the customer. I learned how to deal with customers and how to work in groups to create the ultimate plan to satisfy customer needs.

I learned that marketing is everywhere and anywhere. It is the main concern of all products and services. Marketing can be used to introduce people to a launching product or to help big successful products stick in the customer’s memory. Brands and services are in an endless and constant marketing competition.

Without a successful marketing plan, no matter how good the quality of the brand or service is, customers won’t feel the urge to buy or participate in it. That is why marketing helped me understand the reasons behind customer’s needs, their subjective and psychological reasons, their variety in perspectives and opinions and how I can convert their needs into wants.

Choosing Marketing isn’t about numbers and statistics, it’s a road to success! That is how AKU prepares you for the real world.