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Board of Trustees

Rabiaa Zayat

Lebanese media producer, talk show hostess and humanitarian, Rabiaa is originally from Tyre, South of Lebanon. Married to the poet and media figure Zahi Wehbe, she is the mother of four children. Rabiaa hosts a string of cultural, social and entertaining programs on local and Arabic networks where she has welcomed through the years, key cultural and artistic figures from the Arabic world. Rabiaa actively participates in major Arabic media workshops and conferences in Dubai, Oman, Jordan and Kuwait, most important being the “Arab Media Forum” where she is invited to take part in directing, guiding and monitoring different panel discussions and workshops. She is an influencer on social media and has actively taken part in numerous national and regional campaigns in collaboration with key Arabic humanitarian organizations, to create awareness on the rights of women and children. Rabiaa has indeed produced and hosted a humanitarian program during Ramadan 2019 through which she has created awareness and raised funds, in support of critical humanitarian causes.