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Admission requirements

Candidates must have obtained a Lebanese Baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma and pass the entrance exam.

Learning objectives

Accounting, just like finance and management is an essential management tool. Apart from the fact that it’s mandatory and requested by the state, it is also an information source on which companies directors rely on to take the right decisions for their business.

The mission of the Accounting Department of the Al-Kafaàt University is to:
- Provide a quality education while taking into consideration the changes imposed at the companies, while giving the students the necessary knowledge tools to launch their professional careers.
- Answer the community needs in terms of the transfer and application of the theoretical knowledge.

Career opportunities

The holder of the bachelor in Accounting can work in a bank or a company, in positions such as a chief accountant, an internal controller, internal or external auditor, a tax or expert chartered accountant after 3 to 5 years in a specialized expertise accounting office. He can also work in the public sector or have his own office of accounting expertise after an experience of 3 years in an expertise firm.