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Registrar's Office

Our Registrar’s Office is located at the entrance of our Campus. It is open every day of the working week from 8am until 7pm, telephone (01)872.225/6/7/8 extension 304

Required Documents for Registration

Lebanese students must have the following documents:
A duly completed application form (supplied by the registrar)
A photocopy of the Lebanese identity card.
A photocopy of the Lebanese family record.
A copy of the Lebanese Baccalaureate or its official equivalence.
An official transcript of Baccalaureate results.
A copy of his/her grades for the last two school years issued by the registrar of the attended school(s).
A copy of his card of National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Medical Branch, if available.
3 passport-size photos.
If parking on Campus, a copy of the certificate of registration for the vehicle and insurance papers should be submitted.

Registration Opening

New applicants are accepted starting May 1st of each year.

Registration Process

Students need to register for a minimum of 10 or 12 credits and a maximum of 18 or 20 credits per semester for a BA degree.
Choices of subjects will be discussed with the respective Head of Department and notified to the Registrar’s office.
The academic year is divided into three semesters: 2 semesters of 15 weeks, known as "regular semesters", and the summer semester which lasts for 6 weeks.

Entry Test

Students must have successfully completed the Lebanese Baccalaureate or its official equivalence and pass an entry exam.
For all majors, an interview is obligatory.
The date of the entry exams is determined every year by the academic administration and is announced by the registrar.
The entry exam is an evaluation of the student’s level in foreign languages (French or English).


Students currently enrolled in other universities and wishing to transfer to AKU must meet the following requirements:
To submit a file that complies the required documents for registration.
To submit a written description of previous academic track together with relevant certificates proving that the student had passed courses taken at other universities.
To pass the the oral interview.
To complete a total of four semesters at AKU. Request for transfer during the last year or the last two semesters is not accepted.
To obtain his/her degree, a student should pass a minimum number of credits; this number varies according to the chosen discipline and is mainly determined by the Head of department and the Academic Administration based on an individualized evaluation of each file.

Drop and Withdraw

1- Drop:
Students have the right to drop only one subject per semester, provided that the remaining total credits is not less than 12 for the Bachelor Degree.
Students wishing to drop more than one subject must submit an official request to the academic administration (not later than 3 weeks after the start of the semester).

2- Withdraw:
A delay is allowed to withdraw from a course, and is being determined by the administration of the university.
For any withdraw beyond this period, the student will have to settle the whole fees pertaining to this course.

Student Grievance Policy

All Students at the Al-Kafaàt University are subject to the provisions of the University Internal Regulations, and immediate action will be taken against any student alleged to have breached this code. Such behaviour include academic misconduct (cheating in exams, plagiarism), violence, harassment or threatening, fraudulent behaviour, use or supply of drugs, etc.