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Campus Life

Computer Center

Our Computer Center is actually a pool of centers that are interlinked to offer the possibility for all students to work on their different projects.

Spread over two floors, our main hub comprises three computer labs, each equipped with 25 PCs, interactive white boards and LCD projectors.

Additionally, our Campus hosts three labs designed for graphic and interior design work and which include powerful PCs with special specifications to offer good endurance for graphic works and rendering options.

Of course, office work such Microsoft office (word, excel, PowerPoint, access….) and programs and websites development such as java, asp.net, c++ and other software can be practiced on all our PCs.

Our pools of computers are connected to a main server to grant each student the option of owning a private account on our network on which he can save his work. These students accounts are highly secured with an individual username and password; students can then use their account during their entire residing time on our Campus.

Additionally, we offer real webservers for students who study web developments, as well as storage to store their work.

Last but not least, the advertising and audiovisual department hosts an iMac Studio.

All our labs are equipped with a secured and highly controlled internet connection to give access to allowed websites and downloads.

All of this is not only available to our students on-Campus but also to the residing students who live on our Campus.