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Food Industries Technology

Admission requirements

Candidates must have obtained a Lebanese Baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma and pass the entrance exam.

Learning objectives

The aim of the Food Industries Technology major is to train inspectors and specialists in science and technology in order to work in the food sector. It includes different levels going from the production of a specific product to its consumption: production, packaging, risk management, quality control, food analysis...
Throughout the curriculum, a large part is dedicated to projects, individual initiatives and contacts with professionals (projects, visits to companies ...).
Teaching is divided into courses, tutorials, practical work and a training.
During the training period (last semester), the student performs a 10 week internship in an industrial company.
The teaching team is made up of teachers and professionals: doctors, project managers, consultants.
The course contains scientific and non-scientific courses and is divided into 3 main axes: quality control, food production and food analysis.

Career opportunities

-Food production (food industry: Milk, Juices, Beer, Chocolate...)
-Quality control and food safety (restaurants, hospitals, schools...)
-Food Analysis